Haikou Barcelona World

Haikou Barcelona World Museum is the first football-themed exhibition and experience center opened overseas since FC Barcelona was founded 119 years ago. The pavilion is located in Mission Hills New City, Haikou, with a total area of more than 5,000 square meters. With the help of cutting-edge high-tech audio-visual equipment, visitors will be led to experience the frenzied atmosphere of Barcelona's Camp Nou home game day, and experience the interaction and exchange of skills with Messi and other stars. The exhibition hall is planned and designed by the international design company ExitDesign in accordance with international standards. Some of the trophies, uniforms, shoes and other exhibits come from the original objects provided by the club museum. The entire exhibition hall explains Barcelona's glorious history and strong football culture. "Exhibition Hall Highlights" 1. Experience Barcelona's culture and history. 2. Visit Barcelona's many trophies and honors, star jerseys, football boots 3. Human-computer interaction: VR experience Camp Nou Stadium, enjoy Barcelona's wonderful goal video clips, listen The sound of Barcelona's Camp Nou stadium and the model building of Camp Nou. 4. Game experience: handball training games, penalty kick training games, children's DIY painting games, handle electronic games, table football. 5. Movie watching experience: top-secret video of Barcelona, experience of Barcelona big movie, taking pictures with stars.