Qiongzhou Cultural Style Street

Qiongzhou Cultural Style Street Scenic Spot is located in Hainan Flower World next to Nandujiang Old Iron Bridge, Binjiang Road, Haikou City, adjacent to the beautiful Hainan Mother River-Nandujiang River, 10 minutes' drive from Meilan Airport, and is the connection between Haikou Meilan Airport and Haikou City core position. It is a characteristic scenic spot supported by the provincial and municipal tourism commissions, and one of the main venues of the Haikou Fucheng Flower Changing Festival. The scenic spot integrates Li and Miao style buildings and tropical ecological garden landscapes. The street is 380 meters long. The project is planned to integrate cultural performances and tourism. Hainan Ecotourism Cultural Theme Park, which integrates tourism, leisure, catering, folk museums and folk culture inheritance, is the leading project of Hainan Flower World, the last stop for tourists from outside the island and an ideal scenic spot for Haikou and Qiongbei citizens to relax and vacation . The scenic spot was rated as a national AAA-level scenic spot on November 23, 2012.

The fantasy future song and dance show in the scenic area covers art forms such as folk dance, magic, acrobatics, and laser dancers. The perfect combination of tourism and the perfect combination of culture and customs has injected new vitality into Haikou's cultural tourism projects and night cultural tourism consumption.

The "Dafudi" Qing Dynasty Household Art Museum in the scenic area is a museum displaying Huizhou architectural art and Hainan folk culture. The museum was built in the late Ming Dynasty and has a history of more than 400 years; The four-character plaque was inscribed by Emperor Kangxi himself in the forty-sixth year of Kangxi, and has a history of 315 years.

Qiongzhou Cultural Style Street Scenic Spot revolves around the core of the main body of Hainan Li culture. There are currently Dafudi Qing Dynasty Household Culture and Art Museum, Li Pottery Museum (Pottery Museum), Hainan Treasure Museum, Jufutang Cultural Museum, and Hainan Heshengge Calligraphy and Painting Art Museum. , Li Nationality Cultural Corridor, Root Carving Art Exhibition, Stone Carving Art Exhibition, Coconut Carving Cultural Corridor, Li Nationality Cultural Photo Exhibition, Qiongzhou Cultural Sculpture, etc., Dinosaur Paradise, Li Nationality Bowl Throwing Wine, Unicorn Paradise, and Shepherd’s Mongolian Meal, Hetangkou Internet celebrity restaurants, Nandujiang Yuzhuang No. 1 and other cultural and tourism industries such as Nandujiang Yuzhuang No. 1 and Hainan local cuisine are open to the public, providing tourists and citizens with rich and beautiful tourism and leisure experiences.