West Coast Ribbon Park

The West Coast Ribbon Park is 11 kilometers away from the center of Haikou, Hainan Province. It is located in the northwest of Haikou City, adjacent to Xiuying Port in the east, Xinhai Forest Farm in the south, Yuehai Railway Passage Wharf in the west, and Qiongzhou Strait in the north. It is an open coastal park. .

The West Coast Ribbon Park stretches along both sides of Binhai Boulevard in a band shape, bordering Qiongzhou Strait in the north, including Xixiu Beach and Holiday Beach, with a total length of about 11 kilometers, an area of 104.3 hectares, and a green area rate of 86%. Nearby is the broad Coconut Grove Avenue, on both sides are sculptures, grasslands, corridors, paths and beaches; in the distance is the mirage-like Haikou City, which is a key project in the construction of tourist attractions in Haikou City in recent years. Citizens and tourists from other places provide another good place for leisure and entertainment and an activity space with beautiful environment.