Panel Discussion

Title: Heterogeneous Integration: Does it call the end of the foundry-fabless business model?

Date: 16:00-17:40 on Nov. 07, 2023


The foundry-fabless business model, started in 1987, marked by the establishment of TSMC, has accelerated the semiconductor industry for nearly forty years. The design houses enjoy the benefit of asset-light model and lower entry barrier, while the foundries enjoy the benefit of lower overcapacity risk. As now we are moving to the heterogeneous integration era, where each part of the industry chains has to more tightly coupled than ever to satisfy the design challenges, can we get a glimpse of the end of foundry-fabless business model? What would be the possible business model in the heterogeneous integration era? How would the industry chain rebuild itself? Who would be the driving force leading us to the new world?


Zhihua Wang, Tsinghua University

Haikun Jia, Tsinghua University


Chixiao Chen, Fudan University

Lu Jie, Tsinghua University


Wenliang Dai, Xpeedic

Harry Chan, eTopus

Chiweon Yoon, Samsung

Youngsu Kwon, ETRI

Minoru Fujishima, Hiroshima University

Jihwan Kim, Intel